Non-Executive Recruitment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be a UK national to apply for this role?

You must be free to remain and take up this role in the UK.

2. Is there an upper age limit?


3. Can I apply for this role if I am currently a chair or non-executive of an organisation within the health or social care sectors?

Yes, although the nature of your role and any potential conflict of interest would need to be further explored.

4. Can I apply for a Lay chair if I am a medical professional and a previous Registrant, but no longer practising?

The definition of “lay” for the purpose of this appointment is that this is someone who is, and never has been provisionally registered or fully registered as a doctor, was at no time registered with limited registration and does not hold qualifications which would entitle them to apply for provisional or full registration.

5. If I have been the subject of a Fitness to Practise complaint am I eligible to apply?

You will be disqualified from being appointed if you have been subject to any investigation or proceedings concerning your fitness to practise by any licensing body, including the GMC, and the final outcome was: -

  • Your suspension from a register, which has not been terminated
  • Your erasure from a register or a decision which has prevented you from practising
  • Your registration was made conditional upon compliance with any requirement or undertaking and these requirements have not been lifted or that the Privy Council is satisfied that membership would be liable to undermine public confidence in the regulation of the medical profession.

6. What will the time commitment be for this appointment?

The Chair will need to commit up to three days per week.

7. How much travel is involved?

Travel from home to London or Manchester for Council and other meetings or for training or other events is required. You will be eligible to claim the costs of travel and subsistence necessary to attend meetings when required for GMC business.

8. Is this a fixed term appointment?

The initial appointment will be for a period not exceeding four years. The term of office will be determined by the Privy Council on appointment. Council members may serve for a maximum period of eight years in any period of 20 years.

9. Is the role remunerated?

The Chair is entitled to remuneration of £110,000 per year, for a time commitment of three days a week. Remuneration covers attendance at Council and other GMC meetings, including preparation and travelling time.

10. Who will make the appointments decision?

A selection panel comprising: Baroness Usha Prashar (Panel Chair), Professor Deirdre Kelly, Registrant Member of Council, Dame Denise Platt, Lay Member of Council, David Sloman, Chief Executive of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Maeve Hully (Independent Panel Member) will be responsible for making recommendations for appointment. The decision for appointment is made by the Privy Council.

11. Do I need to use a computer?

Yes. The GMC conducts as much of its business as possible through electronic media. You should therefore expect to have access to and be able to use PC based software, email and the internet.

12. Are the GMC also recruiting for Council Members?

The GMC will be seeking to appoint two Council Members later in 2018. Depending upon whether the new Chair is a Lay or Registrant member, the requirement will be for two registrant members or one lay and one registrant. This will be a separate appointments process and it is expected that this will start in July 2018.

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